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Housing Vermont

Housing Vermont, a nonprofit syndication and development company founded in 1988, creates permanently affordable rental housing and enables investments in economic and community development to benefit Vermonters through partnerships with local organizations, public agencies and the private sector.

This highly successful partnership has produced 6,000 affordable apartments in 180 developments. Housing Vermont has raised and deployed $360 million in private equity, which has leveraged an additional $470 million in private financing and public investment. Housing Vermont's New Markets Tax Credit program, Vermont Rural Ventures, has created favorable financing in excess of $128.3 million for 15 economic development projects in low income areas.

Housing Vermont's Statement of Support & Solidarity

Silence is not an option.  George Floyd’s murder by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota is just the latest act of state violence against black and brown people.  

Racial inequality is rooted in our nation’s history of slavery and structurally maintained by public policy, including housing and community development programs and policies.   

Housing Vermont has worked for 30 years to build and invest in communities to create affordable housing and to increase economic opportunities for low income people.  Affordable housing can promote health, build wealth, and change neighborhoods.  Yet, we know housing is also used as a tool to divide communities, perpetuate unfair educational opportunities, reduce wealth and sustain segregation. 

We understand that no place in America is free from our past and no place in America is safe for people of color. White privilege is real, and black lives matter.  

We stand with the black and brown people of our country seeking justice. We mourn with them and we share their righteous anger and demands for justice.  

We commit to incorporating anti-racist practices in our organization and to work with others to create a future with equity at its core.


Parsons Platform: Energy optimization.

Housing developers, non-profit organizations and municipalities: Put the power of data analytics to work for you! Become a member of Housing Vermont's Parsons Platform Network.

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